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Welcome to the official Withdrawn Within website, I'm Joey Palehorse. This is one of my  music projects, it is a mix of Sludge Metal, Hardcore Punk and Industrial. As a multi-instrumentalist, I craft the sound with sludgy guitar riffs,  Industrial production, and screaming. For lyrics I tend to delve into themes of depression, anxiety, and socio/political issues. This project is about confronting pain, life is dark but it's okay to let it out. You're not alone, only you can choose how you feel.


Special Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Sister, Bestie  Meredith, Uncle J, Aunt Shelly, Unk and Mamaw for always believing in me. As well as  Pari$h from Swarm for continuing support and advice.


Withdrawn Within Debut Album Dawn Of The Reaper - Summer 2024 Release

1. Enter The Void

2. Demons

3. Echoes of What Once Was

4. Shadows

5. Funeral Veil

6. The Purge

7. Grave

8. Hearse Hymn

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