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Hello, I'm Joey Michael Solaris, and welcome to the official website of The Louisiana Heavy Psych/Doom/Sludge/Grunge band Withdrawn Within. I am currently writing and recording my debut album, "Eternal." The lyrics draw inspiration from Philosophy, spirituality, Unity, healing from personal struggles, and literature.

Currently, I am the sole active member, handling all aspects of the band's music myself, including, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards,  Programming (Synths/Drums) and performing vocals​.


Band Name Origin

When the band originally started, I was in a very dark place. The name symbolized introversion and withdrawing from the world. Now, it represents retreating into oneself to find inner peace and escape negativity.

Introducing the Debut Album " (Eternal)" by Withdrawn Within, Coming Soon.

Cover Art: Koi Designs


1. Rebirth Part I: Awakening – 6:15

2. Interlude I: Dawn's Whisper – 1:00

3. Rebirth Part II: Emergence – 4:58

4. We Are Eternal Part I: Unity – 5:15

5. Interlude II: Ethereal Echo – 1:45

6. We Are Eternal Part II: Continuum – 4:25

7. Infinite Part I: Boundless – 5:40

8. Interlude III: Cosmic Drift – 0:48

9. Infinite Part II: Horizon's Edge – 5:45

10. The Rising Tide Part I: Surge – 6:50

11. Interlude IV: Tidal Reflection – 1:30

12. The Rising Tide Part II: Crest – 6:50

13. Serenity from Within Part I: Tranquility – 4:55

14. Serenity from Within Part II: Inner Peace – 7:05

15. New Horizons – 7:20


Genre: Heavy Psych, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Grunge, Stoner Punk,

The record is greatly inspired by Acid Bath, Alice in Chains, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Crowbar, Dead Kennedys, Down, Electric Wizard, Flipper, Fugazi, Kyuss, Melvins, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Saint Vitus, Screaming Trees, Sleep, Soundgarden, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Beatles, The Doors, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Tool

Why You'll Love (Eternal):

- Innovative Sound:

Fusing heavy guitar riffs and keyboards, with psychedelic, doomy, and sometimes electronic elements, wrapped in a Progressive Rock album format.

- Deep Themes:

Lyrics inspired by spiritual and personal growth, philosophical reflections on the universe and our place within it.

- Dynamic Tracks:

Each song offers a unique journey through spirituality and sonic landscapes, ensuring a captivating experience.

Withdrawn Within –

Embrace the Eternal.


Withdrawn Within aims to fuse Spiritual /Philosophical themes with sludgy and psychedelic instrumentals In North Louisiana.

Positions Available: Second Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, and Drummer.

Thank You

Special Thanks to Mom, Dad, Seester, Quackers, Hotdog, Uncle J, Aunt Shelly, Unk, Nana, Pop, Papaw Jose and Mamaw for always believing in me. As well as  Pari$h from Swarm/Pretty Kill for continuing support and advice, and James Tukik for my amazing logo.

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